hey, you asked for it!
101 Dalmations (1996) terrible - Disney rips off its own material and ruins it
A Little Princess an excellent picture, not just for kids
A Taxing Woman kinda fun, not nearly as good as Tampopo
Absolute Power not terribly well-written, interesting performance from Clint
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective REALLY stupid, but funny - watched in hospital waiting for Sarah to arrive
Addicted To Love moderately unhinged, quasi-screwball - doesn't quite reach "giddy" or "inspired" but still pretty good
Air Force One standard stuff, but still pretty exciting
Albino Alligator a real mess, goes nowhere slowly
Anastasia really enjoyed it, very entertaining
Angie not too good
As Good As It Gets great characters, great dialogue, fairly pedestrian story, but still loved it
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery somewhat entertaining, lots of lame stuff though
Basquiat sad story, good movie
Beautiful Girls pretty bad, hack writing
Beavis and Butthead Do America very funny
Before and After pretty good
Being Human wonderful movie
Big Night expectations too high for this one - a few interesting moments, but nothing much going on
Billy Madison moronic, especially early on, but funny
Blink pretty creepy, effective thriller
Blood of a Poet pretentious amateur surrealism
Blue Chips pretty good, for what it was
Blue Sky good, Jessica deserved the Oscar
Boogie Nights outstanding, great performances, a movie about redemption for the dumb and talentless
Brassed Off! Maudlin, depressing, manipulative, predictable
Breakfast at Tiffany's wistful and sort of odd
Brewster McLoud pretty silly, and not very well made
Bullets Over Broadway entertaining as it went along, but strangely unsatisfying at the end, like the ending was tacked on
Carlito's Way too sentimental for DePalma
Casino disappointing retread of Goodfellas
Ciao, Profesore very sweet and funny
Cold Comfort Farm very funny, an excellent comedy
Cold Fever very good, but sort of an unsatisfying ending
Contact nowhere near as good as it could have been, but still some great sequences
Copycat not too good, hack script
Corrina, Corrina sweet and fun
Cosi hilarious, a superb little movie
Country Life disappointing, depressing
Crumb amazing to watch
Dangerous Minds very good, a pleasant surprise
Dave kinda cute
Dead Man eerie and sad, better on second viewing
Dead Man Walking a great movie
Deconstructing Harry I give up! I can't stand any more of Woody Allen's sophomoric self-abuse!
Donnie Brasco very good, well done, a bit sad
Ed Wood very funny, very good
Fast, Cheap and Out of Control another brilliant piece of work by Errol Morris, perhaps his best
Fearless excellent
Fierce Creatures it has a few good moments, but nothing like "A Fish..."
Forrest Gump most enjoyable
Four Weddings & A Funeral funny, very entertaining
Georgia not too good, depressing, painful
Get On The Bus contrived, over-directed
Get Shorty really funny, loved it
Glen or Glenda abominable, worse than Plan 9
Good Will Hunting pretty well done, but with a few believability problems
Grosse Pointe Blank fun to watch, but the plot is underdeveloped
Guarding Tess pacing bad, dull
Heart & Souls cute, funny
I Shot Andy Warhol good, a bizarre story
I'll Do Anything really good!
Il Postino Sweet, sentimental. Best Picture - I don't *think* so!
In The Company Of Men horrifying and original - a monster movie?
In the Name of the Father terrific, one of the best
Independence Day a terrible, preposterous movie
It Could Happen to You really sweet
Jack kind of nice, but nothing special
Jail Bait high production values for Ed Wood, but still preposterously bad
Jerry Maguire fairly entertaining, though Cruise still annoys me most of the time
King of the Hill depressing
Kingpin big holes in the script, but also some very funny bits
Larger Than Life funny in parts, pointless in others
Leaving Las Vegas extraordinary
Liar Liar very funny
Little Big League cute, kind of slow
Little Rascals goofy, cute
Lone Star very good, typically off-beat Sayles story-telling
Lost Highway unintelligible rubbish
Mars Attacks! a few funny bits that go nowhere - worth seeing just the same
Maverick so-so
Men in Black absolutely hilarious
Mighty Aphrodite pretty disappointing - how long will Woody continue to recycle his own material?
and how long will people like Roger Ebert continue to be taken in by him?
Mother a sweet story
Mouse Hunt a laff riot, terrific slapstick, very entertaining
Mr Holland's Opus first half OK, then it breaks down into manipulation and naked plot devices
Mr. Hulot's Holiday the wistful Mr Hulot, he's overly mannered yet boorish - he never quite fits in
Mrs. Doubtfire really good, fun & sweet
Multiplicity very funny
Murder at 1600 moderately effective thriller
My Fellow Americans pretty good, better than it had a right to be
Natural Born Killers horrific and terrific
Nell could have been better - we predicted Jodie would get the Oscar, but we were wrong
Night of the Ghouls completely ludicrous - the floating trumpet, Dr Acula ???
Nothing To Lose a fairly funny Summer Movie
Phenomenon interesting, but a very muddled story
Philadelphia we didn't much care for it!
Please Don't Eat the Daisies a real mess - marital drama masquerading as screwball domestic comedy - lame songs too
Primal Fear Gere was good, Laura Linney was awful, Edward Norton was scary, pretty engaging story with some nice twists
Pulp Fiction fun but not great - better in retrospect
Quiz Show very good, disturbing
Reality Bites yes, it does
Remains of the Day very good
Reservoir Dogs nice piece of work
Romeo Is Bleeding sick, a little sad, but good
Ruby in Paradise bad TV movie
Rumble in the Bronx a waste of time, except for the action sequences, which are fun
Schindler's List tremendous
Secret of Roan Inish family fun
Secrets & Lies typical Leigh picture, several good performances in search of a movie
Sense and Sensibility very good
Seven disturbing, very effective
Shadowlands slow, poor storytelling, good ending
She's So Lovely kind of messy, but entertaining, Penn is terrific
Shine very good, but exploitative
Sirens interesting, good movie
Six Degrees of Separation a terrific picture
Sling Blade I can't find fault with it - a great movie
Smoke very good, offbeat, engaging
Soul Food not particularly good, stereotyped characters, cliched situations
Speed quite a ride
Stuart Saves His Family funny, a sweet story
Swingers moderately amusing
The American President very entertaining and enjoyable
The Daytrippers loved it, perfect ending
The English Patient tremendous, a great movie
The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down A Mountain pretty disappointing
The Hudsucker Proxy great, really funny
The Hunchback of Notre Dame the Disney animated version (1996); very good
The Ice Storm excellent adaptation of a novel that Updike never wrote, but could have
The Making of Short Cuts compelling documentary
The Mask funny and cute
The Nasty Girl interesting
The People vs Larry Flynt pretty good
The Ref very funny
The Shawshank Redemption a great movie
The Sheltering Sky strange and confusing, book better
The Summer House very good
The Truth About Cats and Dogs a sweet story, nicely done
The Usual Suspects entertaining but confusing, better the second time around
The War Room good, worth seeing
The Wedding Banquet funny and sweet
The Young Poisoner's Handbook kind of pointless
Theremin: An Electronic Oddysey amazing story
Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead pretty bad - Critical Bill was funny though
Tin Cup really good, a fun picture
Titanic wherein it is revealed just how much $200 million WON'T buy
Tommy Boy funnier than it should have been
Toy Story very entertaining and captivating
Trainspotting a little disturbing, but a good picture
Unhook the Stars disappointing
Unstrung Heroes kind of downbeat, not much fun
Wag The Dog beyond cynical, in its own way almost as subversive as Weekend
Waiting For Guffman very funny, almost brilliant, perhaps a little thin
Waterworld The story is preposterous and full of holes, the tone is uneven, and it borrows heavily from the Road Warrior myth. All in all, though, it's not too bad.
Weekend outrageous satire on the bourgeosie, revolutionaries, and film itself, amidst a noisy landscape of dead bodies and burning automobile wrecks
Welcome to the Dollhouse well-made, but sort of a downer
What's Eating Gilbert Grape? loved it
When We Were Kings a brilliant, moving film
Widow's Peak great, a delicious twist at the end
With Honors pretty good, better than expected
Year of the Horse very good, organic mixture of sound and image
Zeus and Roxanne cute movie, but too much people action