There's no way to overstate the influence this movie had on me as a kid, and thus the influence it continues to have on me. It's hard to imagine my life without The Beatles. AHDN is not only the best movie they made by far, it's also the finest movie ever made about popular music.

One reads from time to time trivializations of The Beatles: how technically mediocre they were as musicians, how they owed their popularity to the 60s zeitgeist, that sort of thing. I won't quibble, because it's impossible for me to separate them from their times, but there can be no denying the impact they had on popular culture. AHDN helped them create the 60s zeitgeist! It not only showcased their musical talent (proving that one need not be a technical virtuoso to make great records or write great songs), but also gave us a long look at them as people with personalities, and not just guys with guitars. They were marvelous at playing themselves on the screen, which is no mean feat: charming, irreverant, playful, intelligent, they were above all likable.

Were AHDN simply a great music video, I doubt it would be on my list. The fact is, it also has a message, one that The Boys would return to often: be yourself and have fun! That may seem trite and naive in this post-modern world, but for my money it's damned good advice.