There's no question that this is a political film, but is it partisan? There's no doubt that it's (loosely) based on Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign, but whose side are the filmmakers on, if any? Let's just say that there's plenty of personal and political ambiguity in the picture, and leave it at that.

The movie's real achievement lies not in its politics, but in its deft blend of believable comedy and tragedy. It's not merely a political film. It's funny without being farcical, heartbreaking without being maudlin. There are characters to sink your teeth into: outrageous, wildly comic, deeply flawed - in other words, human. Never mind the aliases, Billy Bob Thornton's Carville and Travolta's Clinton are exceptionally watchable on the screen.

The story may leave you feeling unsatisfied at the end, because you aren't left with a black-and-white picture of these characters. What you've got is shades of grey, and lots of colors too. That's life.