Martin is a 30ish fellow who's been blind since birth. He's bitter and detached, even obnoxious, and a little paranoid. He's never managed to cope all that well with his condition. He still bumps into things a lot. Celia, his housekeeper, is equally aloof. She's obsessed with Martin and is desperate to have him sexually, but he is never more than coolly polite to her. She resents him terribly for this, and so abuses him by rearranging things in his house. Most of the time they treat each other with undisguised contempt.

Andy the busboy unknowingly steps into the middle of this rather bizarre relationship one day, and soon finds himself involved with both of them. Two more needy people you're never likely to see in the movies. The movie follows the story of this strange triangle in a manner that ought to be boring, but is somehow fascinating.

If the above description hasn't put you off completely, check this one out.